St Annes Kite Festival

St Annes Kite Festival 2014 - Photography By Yannick Dixon

The skies above St Annes seafront were filled with bright colours this weekend as spectacular display kites took to the air in celebration of St Annes Kite Festival.

Visitors of all ages packed the beach to enjoy kites of all shapes, sizes and colours during this superb two-day event which was blessed with beautiful sunny weather and, thankfully, enough wind to fly a kite.

The Festival takes place to the right of St Annes Pier and is only a couple of minutes walk away from where I live. I really love these kind events as they do wonders for the local community and help attract more people into St Annes.

Each day I spent a few hours photographing the kite festival and recording ambient sound for those of you who missed St Annes Kite Festival or are thinking of coming next year. So, please turn your speakers up, play the audio below and enjoy this selection of photographs from St Annes Kite Festival 2014.

In Pictures: St Annes Kite Festival 2014

Did you visit St Annes Kite Festival? Did you take some pictures?

Make sure you check out their photography competition which is looking for images that captures the spirit of the festival. The closing date for entries is midnight on Sunday 24th August 2014. Please note that the organisers of St Annes Kite Festival state in their terms and conditions that they “reserve the right to use any images uploaded for future event promotion and publicity”.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, please do so below.

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