This Is Brighton

This Is Brighton

I guess that I don’t really need to point out the irony of visiting a seaside city such as Brighton while on a week-long holiday that’s main purpose was to “get away from it all”.

There are, after all, many similarities between Brighton and my usual surroundings of Blackpool and the Fylde Coast. In fact, most of this recent holiday was based in central London but I needed at least one day spent in familiar surroundings.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that I’m incapable of resisting the allure of the seaside.

In Pictures: This Is Brighton

I’ve only visited Brighton once before, ten years ago at the age of 19, and that was for an interview to study on the photography degree at the University of Brighton. I didn’t get accepted, but recalling the experience when I was there earlier this month really made me think about how different my life might have been had I got on the course. Nonetheless, being in Brighton on this sunny Friday with my camera and the time to wander and take it all in was just pure bliss to me.

As I’ve mentioned, there are many similarities between Brighton and Blackpool, so I did find myself drawn towards subjects that have appeared in my work before. Local landmarks, a man asleep on the beach and even a murmuration of starlings all appear in this series of colour photographs.

Deciding which photographs would feature in the final set of twelve was incredibly difficult as I shot a range of different angles of the same things, but wanted to show Brighton’s diverse range of potential subject matter across the entire photography series. I had the most amazing day in Brighton and had got so much enjoyment from producing this work.

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