Wild Weather

Witness epic skies, huge waves, double rainbows, seaside sandstorms and more besides

About The Wild Weather Series

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “what’s that cloud?” or “when is Spring tide?’ the Wild Weather series is definitely for you.

From seaside sandstorms to torrential rain (often followed by a rainbow), this new environmental photography series documents the weirdest and most wonderful weather that Nature has to offer.

You can get a sneak peek of the Wild Weather series below and a selection of photographic prints are now available in the shop.

*This project is currently a “work in progress” and will be updated soon.*


Documentary Photography




In Progress


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Torrential Rain - Wild Weather - Photography By Yannick Dixon
Torrential Rain - Wild Weather
Sea Foam - Wild Weather - Photography By Yannick Dixon
Sea Foam - Wild Weather

Sunset Clouds - Wild Weather - Photography By Yannick Dixon
Sunset Clouds - Wild Weather

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