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Starlings Above #2 By Yannick Dixon Photographic Works

Earlier this month I signed up for the Béhance Network, which is one of the internet’s leading platforms for the creative professional community.

The Béhance Network is invitation-only and was designed to help top creatives from around the world showcase their work broadly across industries and to build their professional networks.

I heard about Béhance after talking to my friend Robert Lomas at a New Years Eve party about all manner of creative ideas and projects. Béhance seems like a really good place to not only showcase your own work but to also see the new work of some wonderful artists.

A few days after I uploaded my ‘Starlings Above’ series I received an email from Oscar Ramos Orozco from the Béhance Network saying that their editorial team had chosen to feature my work on one of their sister websites called Photography Served.

Photography Served streams projects directly from the owners’ portfolios in the Béhance Network, along with proper attribution and a direct link to contact information. The creators of the work update and maintain control of their projects, and can be contacted directly for hire or more information.

All in all this is certainly a creative online community that I’m very pleased to be involved with. I thoroughly enjoy looking through the portfolios of other photographers on Photography Served, as it often serves as a good reminder of just how many people there are out there producing wonderful photographic work.

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