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Bird Photographer of the Year

Bird Photographer of the Year 2016 Book - Yannick Dixon Photographic Works

Bird Photographer of the Year is a photographic competition and unique collaboration between the British Trust for Ornithology, William Collins and Nature Photographers Ltd, celebrating the finest bird photography from around the world.

It’s great to see a photography competition of this scale that is dedicated to one of the areas of natural history that I personally find most fascinating, the birds.

Back in March, I received the wonderful news that one of the images from my series Starlings Above was shortlisted and was going to feature in the Bird Photographer of the Year book.

Instagram Emerging Voice

Instagram Emerging Voice 2016 Yannick Dixon

You can imagine my delight when I recently opened my inbox to find an email with the subject line ‘Hello from Instagram!’ informing me that I’d been selected to be an Instagram emerging voice of the week.

You’ve heard the proverb “no news is good news” right? Well, in the world of photography, a personal email from the community team at Instagram (yes, THE Instagram) isn’t just good news, it’s truly amazing news!

With over 300 million monthly active users and an average of 70 million photos shared on Instagram every single day, I’m surprised that my 15 second Hyperlapse video of a sandstorm sweeping through the sand dunes of St Annes was noticed by their team. So, what is an Instagram emerging voice I hear you ask?

Jake Shakeshaft Rocks Blackpool

Jake Shakeshaft Photo Shoot - Photography By Yannick Dixon

Do you watch BBC One’s popular Saturday night singing competition The Voice UK? If you do, I’m sure you’ll instantly recognise Jake Shakeshaft, a wonderfully talented 19 year old singer, who wooed and won over the judges with his passionate performance of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ at the blind auditions.

After impressing the likes of, Tom Jones, Rita Ora and Ricky Wilson (as well as TV viewers across the country) Jake’s appearance on The Voice UK has created a real buzz and excitement online. With nearly three million views of Jake’s audition on YouTube, thousands of Facebook likes and a growing Twitter following (not to mention a number of adoring fan accounts) this young singer is clearly in demand and a favourite to make it to the finals of the competition.

Photography Review of 2014

Photography Review of 2014 Blog Montage

We’re just seven days into 2015 and perhaps, like me, your back at work busy planning for the year ahead and, just as importantly, wondering if there’s any Christmas chocolate left.

There’s still talk of New Year’s resolutions all around, but we all know it doesn’t have to be the beginning of a New Year to give ourselves permission to pursue our dreams or make an important change in our life. Whatever you want to do, go for it and make it happen! There’s no time like the present as they say.

Having said that, before we get stuck into 2015, it does feel right to have a quick look at the past twelve months don’t you think?! My retrospective look at the past 365(ish) days is called, somewhat grandiosely, my Photography Review of 2014.

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