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British Homing World Show 2015

British Homing World Show 2015 - Photography By Yannick Dixon

The British Homing World Show of the Year in Blackpool is where pigeon fanciers from across the UK flock to admire and award the crème de la crème of the pigeon world. Now in it’s 43rd year, the BHW Show of the Year 2015 is Europe’s biggest pigeon show and attracts thousands of visitors to Blackpool for the weekend.

There are over 2000 racing pigeons and 1000 fancy pigeons on display, and more than 100 trade stands selling everything ‘pigeon’ related. Thousands of pigeons change hands at sales and auctions where sums of £10 to £10,000 can be paid for a pedigree racing pigeon. It’s fair to say, I think, these pigeon fanciers are here to do business.

Ross & Rachel’s Wedding Collection

Ross and Rachel Parker Wedding Photography

Today I’m pleased to present to you a selection of photographs commissioned to celebrate the wedding of my friends Ross and Rachel.

I’ve known Ross since our university days studying BA (Hons) Photography in Blackpool, so I was both delighted and honoured to be chosen as his wedding photographer.

Their wedding ceremony took place at St. Bede’s RC Church in Durham followed by the reception at the Hallgarth Hotel & Country Club in Darlington on the 4th May 2013. You should know that Ross is a very successful freelance wedding photographer himself (check out his website here), so there was a tad more pressure than I usually feel when photographing a wedding.

NALGAO Photography Residency

NALGAO Conference Photography Residency

Last month I was offered a three day photography residency to creatively document NALGAO’s annual conference. Entitled ‘NALGAO Switched On!’, the conference focussed on “the contribution that the arts and creative industries make in building sustainable communities and supporting regeneration”.

The NALGAO conference has become a key date in the national arts calendar and is an important event for local authorities and their delegates.

This annual event is held at a different venue each year, with this years being held at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. The aim of my NALGAO photography residency was to document a creative account of the event, including keynote speakers, breakout sessions and study tours.

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