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5 Essential Winter Photography Tips

5 Essential Winter Photography Tips

Be prepared to brave the elements with these five essential tips to help you capture wonderful winter photography (and keep warm). Grab a cup of hot chocolate and let’s get started!

Winter is upon us and it sure is cold out there. It’s tempting to hibernate until spring arrives isn’t it? This bitter weather can persuade even the hardiest of us to trade the beautiful outdoors for the warmth of home and the comfort of the sofa in the company of our favourite TV boxset.

But, if you decide to put away your camera this winter, you are missing out on the raw, visceral beauty this magical season brings. With a bit of planning and perseverance, we can make taking pictures this winter more enjoyable than ever.

Taryn Simon Ted Talk

Taryn Simon Ted Talk - Photographs of Secret Sites

Since my introduction into associate lecturing at UCLAN in November 2009 I have found that my desire and determination to learn as much as I can about the medium of photography has played an crucial role in how effectively I write assignments, plan critiques and deliver lectures.

In order to teach others about contemporary photography in a fresh and imaginative way one should not only be a creative practitioner of the medium, but also have an innate interest and understanding of culture, history, social issues and technology (to name but only a few).

In an attempt to form some kind of narrative structure to this photography blog, I thought I’d share a short video of Taryn Simon speaking at Ted Talks that I showed students of the BA (Hons) International Journalism course earlier today. We were discussing how we can develop our ideas from concept into practice when I remembered watching this fantastic talk by Taryn Simon.

Documenting The Human Condition

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how I can improve my photography blog over these past few days. I came to the conclusion that this blog should not only showcase my new photographic work, but be a place where I can share the things that inspire me and, hopefully, inspire you.

An important factor in the development of any creative practice is a willingness to critically engage and appreciate the work of other artists. I mentioned in my blog post last month that there are some fantastic artists who are producing truly inspirational work and so I thought it was about time to share and discuss what really inspires me.

Earlier today I had my first lecture teaching photojournalism to third year BA (Hons) International Journalism students at UCLAN and I really wanted to stress the importance of purism when working within that genre of photography.

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